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Wilde Built Tactical offers a full line of custom AR15 and AR10/308 rifles. We take decades of real world experience with these platforms and apply it to each custom AR15 and AR10/308 rifle we build. Your custom rifle build experience will begin with an individual consultation with one of our experts to outline your intended purpose, goals, and budget.  This results in a rifle that meets the desires of the customer within the specified budget.  We stock the most popular brands, and can special order unique items. 

Each custom AR15 and AR10/308 custom rifle is based on a billet WBT-15 or WBT-10 lower receiver. This ensures your rifle begins life built on a strong base.  The building process involves selecting the remaining components: 


Pistol Grip


Billet Upper Receiver

Bolt Carrier Group

Charging Handle



Muzzle Device 


Our rifles are hand built by professionally trained technicians in our workshop using the latest tools and techniques. Rifles are constructed using a CLP lubricant with a full Frog Lube treatment also available.  Each rifle is test-fired for function prior to delivery.  Rifle zeroing services are available to get your rifle range ready.  

Our expert staff can assist with recommendations on additional options such as optics, and tactical nylon accessories. 

Stop by Wilde Built Tactical and meet with one of our experts to get started on your custom AR15 or AR10/308 dream rifle.


Wilde Built Tactical Custom Rifle Showcase

Testimonial - AR .223

I’ve finally had a chance  to run the AR 15 you built for me on an extended function test. I ran 40 rounds of factory 55 gr through it as a baseline for functionality; feed, eject, bolt lockup on final round and it was flawless.  Then I ran about 200 rounds of various .223  handloads that I put together and it digested it all with varying degrees of accuracy but totally reliable.I’m glad the parts situation forced me into settling for the lighter contour barrel.  You were right. It doesn’t affect practical accuracy for my intended use and the weight factor is a plus in maneuverability.  Also, that Yankee Hill barrel is showing potential to be a very accurate barrel.Thanks for the heads up on Frog Lube. I applied it to the rifle and I really like it.  I’m going to switch to it for all my firearms. I like that it is bio based and non toxic.I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent discussing the build with me.  The end result turned out fantastic and I get a lot of compliments on the way the rifle looks.I would not hesitate recommending  and doing business with your company again.

S.G. – San Diego, CA

Testimonial - AR .308

I had an AR 308 built by Wilde Built Tactical, which I picked up a couple of weeks ago.  I took it the range to shoot and was pleasurably surprised on how well this weapon shot.  I had it built with a JD Machine matched upper & lower, a Rainer Arms 20” barrel, DPMS forearm, Magpul PRS Stock, and a Sight Mark 8.5 x 25 Scope.  At the 100 yard range I was at I could keep a 10 shot grouping within 1.0 to 1.25 inch diameter. I am over 50 and no marksman and had no problem holding this. I would recommend Wilde Built Tactical to anyone looking to have a weapon built or just looking for parts.  They are friendly and very knowledgeable about firearms. From 1 to 10 I would give them a 10.Thanks and keep up the good work.

R.A. - Santee, CA 

Testimonial - AR .223

Had my first ground up custom build done by these guys and am absolutely in love with it. Many of you fellow calgunners have had the pleasure of taking her for a ride as well. Could not be happier.Anyway, so I FINALLY got the new Anarchy Arms AR yesterday, A build 3 months in the making. It was my wife's first AR and they built yet another amazing weapons system. Brought her in and they took SO MUCH time with her to make sure that she got exactly what she wanted and what was right for her. She's new to shooting sports and I am probably not the best teacher or gunsmith in the world. But they took so much time to give her that personal one on one service and make the entire experience for her: as well as the rifle; so good that she is already talking about building the next one! which is obviously awesome.Wilde Built Tactical is absolutely the BEST LGS I have had the pleasure of doing business with for a very long time. Many places have seemed to have lost that personal touch and are just concerned about getting you in and out because they know there are plenty of other customers and obviously business is driven by that almighty dollar but these guys know how to do it right.

M.M. - San Diego, CA